Alexandra Endaltseva

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Thèse soutenue sous la co-direction d'Isabelle Ville (DE EHESS/Dr INSERM) et de Sonja Jerak-Zuiderent (Tema T: Technology and social change department. Université de Linköping, Linköping, Suède.

« Chronic Com-Position Work: Embodying patient organization and patient improvisation within Russian Multiple Sclerosis Society. »

Accès au résumé de la thèse.

Thèmes de recherche

♦ Patient activism

♦ Disability studies

♦ Postcolonial STS

♦ Knowledge ecologies

♦ Knowledge production on chronic illness

♦ Collaborative action ethnography

♦ Care, maintenance, and repair

♦ Russia

♦ Responsible research


Collaborative research-and-art initiative "Life of Things."

Réalisation liée à l'initiative


♦ Life of Things Project, exhibition at the 4S Making and Doing Program. Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia. [].

Participation à des réseaux/programmes de recherche


♦ Participation au projet ‘ArTiculations’ (EUR ArTec/CNRS PRIME 80).



♦ ENDALTSEVA Aleksandra (2020-in press), « Communication and Health Knowledge Production in Contemporary Russia: from Institutional Structures to Intuitive Ecosystems », in D. Kruckeberg & K. Tsetsura (eds), Strategic Communications in Russia: Public Relations and Advertising, Londres, UK, Routledge.

♦ ENDALTSEVA Aleksandra, BACHURINA Nelli & Maria MORDVINOVA (2020-in press), « Co-creating in the Wonderland : Communication and patient-oriented healthcare in Russia », in C. Botan (ed.), Handbook of Strategic Communication, NJ, USA, John Wiley & Sons.


♦ ENDALTSEVA Aleksandra (2018), « Disability Studies and the Quest for a Clean Model: Looking for Seams in the Space Between the Global South and Global North », in A.S. Kurlenkova & E.E. Nosenko-Stein (eds), The Other Side of the Moon, or What We Don’t Know about Disability : Theory, Representations, Practices, Moscou, Издательство МБА. [in Russian].

Invitation à des colloques/congrès à l'étranger


♦ Organizing committee member, panel chair. 4th Biannual Conference Social Sciences & Health Innovations: Multiplicities, Tomsk, May 2019 [].

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