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Charles Sabel

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Charles Sabel

Charles Sabel is a professor of Law and Social Science at Columbia Law School. Previously he was Ford International Professor of Social Science at MIT. Recent work develops pragmatist ideas into a general conception of democratic experimentalism, with particular attention to regulation, the provision of complex social services and contracting under uncertainty.

He published in 2022 with David Victor Fixing the Climate: Strategies for an Uncertain World (Princeton University Press). Charles Sabel and David Victor explain why the profound transformations needed for deep cuts in emissions must arise locally, with government and business working together to experiment with new technologies, quickly learn the best solutions, and spread that information globally.

Charles Sabel will take part of the Visiting Professors Program designed by EHESS, on proposal of Arnaud Esquerre (Iris).


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Capacitating services and the transformation of the welfare state: How current Dutch reforms can unlock the Iron Cage

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Deliberation in the wild: expertise, lay knowledge and democratic decision making under uncertainty

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