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Alexandre Violle


Docteur de l'école Mines ParisTech, accueilli six mois, à partir du 1er octobre 2019, en post-doctorat

Thesis title

The constitution of a territory of government for finance.
A survey on expertise in banking supervision within the European Banking Union

Supervisor: Fabian Muniesa

Thesis presenation

The thesis focuses on the construction of an expertise of the European supervision of banking risks. In response to the 2008 financial crisis, and as part of the implementation of the Banking Union set up in 2014, the European Union’s Heads of States and Governments entrusted the European Banking Union with the task of supervising the banks in the euro area. The Banking Union is portrayed as an institutional arrangement, namely an assemblage of actors, auditing practices and control devices, in which a new form of intervention is invented. The purpose of this arrangement is to produce a centralized European expertise on a developing territory of government. In this territory, the problematisation of good banking conduct aims at ensuring a sustainable future for investors’ assets without acting on the financial flows in a constraining way. The supervisory authorities of the states involved in the arrangement are now in charge of applying the decisions made collectively in Frankfurt about banks considered as national. Through this inquiry, the thesis contributes to the contemporary debates on finance and on the European construction by making the effects of public policies geared towards the issue of investment management in Europe visible. In particular, it increases the understanding of the reshaping of national sovereignties in banking policies, which, far from disappearing, play a decisive role in the constitution of the territory studied. The analysis is based on a qualitative survey, including an ethnographic study of the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR), the French administration in charge of supervising the banks under its jurisdiction, henceforth in cooperation with the European Central Bank.

Education and qualifications

PhD in Sociology, specialized in Science and Technology Studies. Mines Paristech- PSL Research University.
Dissertation: “Constituer un territoire de gouvernement pour la finance. Enquête sur l’expertise de supervision au sein de l’Union bancaire européenne”.
Adviser: Prof. Fabian Muniesa, Centre de sociologie de l’innovation, CNRS (UMR 9217).

MSc in Political Science. Sciences Po Paris.
MSc’s thesis title: “Too big to be regulated ? The French law on the separation of banking activities of 26 july 2013”. With Honours.
Supervisors : Cornelia Woll and Philippe Bezes.

MSc in law and political science. Université Paris II Panthéon Assas.

⇒ Bachelor in law. Université Paris II Panthéon Assas.


Awards and Fellowships

Dissertation grant (“Allocation de recherche”), French Ministry of Research


Professional academic experience

► 09/2017-06/2018
Researcher, QUAD project (Quantification, Administrative Capacity and Democracy”).
ORA European project (for “Open Research Area for the Social Sciences”), Principal investigator: Andrea Mennicken, London School of Economics and Political Science, Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation


► 2019
“Controversy mapping”, Sciences Po Paris (graduate program in communication)

► 2014-2018
“Description of controversies”, Mines ParisTech (graduate program in engineering)

► 2014-2018
“Société, histoire, culture” (introduction to social sciences), Mines ParisTech (graduate program in engineering)

Other academic activities

► 2014-present
Co-organization of the Guest Seminar, Centre de sociologie de l’innovation


Journal articles

♦ Violle A. (2017), “Banking supervision and the politics of verification: the 2014 stress test in the European Banking Union”, Economy and Society, 46:3-4, p.432-451.

♦ Laurent, B., Saraç-Lesavre, B., Violle, A., “Les stress tests européens. Répondre aux crises financières et nucléaires par les tests”, Critique internationale (in review).

♦ Alauzen, M., Muniesa, F., Violle, “A. Exercising knowledge of costs: public service reform and the therapeutics of economic restraint”,  Economy and Society (in review).

Unpublished reports

♦ Violle, A. (2018), Performance indicators in higher education in France: actors, instruments, issues and evolutions, CSI, Mines ParisTech - Agence Nationale de la Recherche.


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