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	Skyping the Family

Skyping the Family

Interpersonal video communication and domestic life

Christian Licoppe (dir.) , Richard Harper (dir.) , Rod Watson (dir.)
Amsterdam,  John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2019

This collection is one of the first in-depth studies of video calling in family and domestic life. It explores the reasons that people themselves provide to explain their video calling, investigates how these reasons make that calling accountable and how, in turn, these reasons come to be things talked about in the calls themselves. The research shows how video calling is part of the currency of contemporary family affection: such calls are not just about keeping in touch, they are a way of loving too; and they are sometimes a way of fighting as well. 'Skyping' or 'Facetiming' might be frequent and can seem mundane – just a question of routine – but what they entail is a measure of important things to families. This makes this collection of interest to anyone concerned with family life and the evolving ways in which technology has a role in it.

Table of Contents

► Interpersonal video communication as a site of human sociality 1–18

Richard Harper, Rod Watson and Christian Licoppe

► The ‘interrogative gaze’: Making video calling and messaging ‘accountable’ 19–50

Richard Harper, Sean Rintel, Rod Watson and Kenton O’Hara

► Skype appearances, multiple greetings and ‘coucou’: The sequential organization of video-mediated conversation openings 51–86

Christian Licoppe

► Talking about things: Image-based topical talk and intimacy in video-mediated family communication 87–118

Moustafa Zouinar and Julia Velkovska

► Showing ‘digital’ objects in web-based video chats as a collaborative achievement 119–146

Laura Rosenbaun and Christian Licoppe

► The Skype paradox: Homelessness and selective intimacy in the use of communications technology 147–174

Richard Harper, Rod Watson and Jill Palzkill Woelfer

► Index 175–177  

ISBN : 9789027203496
Fiche éditeur : https://benjamins.com/catalog/bct.103

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